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Ensuring Employees Enjoy a Successful Move to Provence

While Provence Promotion is dedicated to helping business leaders and entrepreneurs discover the economic and professional benefits of Provence, the agency places equal importance on ensuring that once a company decides to move to the region their employees and collaborators can smoothly and successfully adapt to their new home.


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The Advice You Need As You Embark on a New Professional and Personal Adventure


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Relocation assistance

Helping You Set Up Your Operations in Provence

If you want to move your company to Provence, relocate part of your activities to Provence, or open a subsidiary in the region, Provence Promotion can help you with all of your mobility planning.


Recruitment Help

Human Resources, One of Provence's Greatest Strengths

Creating or running a business in Provence means benefiting from an enormous talent pool, a world-class educational and training system, and a magnificently diverse culture that welcomes contributors from around the world. Depending on your project, you will find two international-quality labor pools already on site: a massive network of engineers and a young, educated multicultural workforce with expertise in industrial projects, tech companies, logistics, business, and tourism.


Financing & incentives support

In Provence, Your Project Receives The Financing and Incentives It DeservesThe Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolis has eight communities that are part of the national AFR economic development program, which gives companies access to an extensive selection of subsidies through the PAT system or loans for their industrial projects through the ARI system.As an area that has a strong commitments to both industry (one of the largest industrial regions in France) and to innovation (the #2 R&D site in France), Aix-Marseille-Provence has an array of financing opportunities that have been created


Real Estate & Office Solutions

The Right Location is a Strategic Priority

Provence is a world-class business location and there is a broad range of commercial, office, and industrial space. The only challenge is finding the space that will help your project or company flourish and that’s where Provence Promotion comes into the picture. Our experts know the local real estate market and the area property regulations, so they can help you find the perfect place to put down roots.


Buy a Company

There's No Better Place to Buy a Company Than Provence

At the heart of our work to connect business sellers and business buyers is the Go Between in Provence program that provides consultation and technical support for company transfers. Along with making these transactions easier for entrepreneurs, the program aims to conserve and create jobs in the region.


Relocate to France

Return to Provence to Launch Your Innovative New Project

Were you born or raised in Provence and have an interest in returning to the area? Or are you French citizen, a Francophone, or a Francophile who wants to enjoy the life and work advantages offered by Provence? And would you like to create a business in a region with a dynamic economy and enormous growth potential? If so, Provence Promotion will provide you with dedicated custom support to help launch your company in the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis.


Start Your Business

Innovative New Companies Prosper in Provence  

Do you plan to start a business in an innovative field? Are you coming to France from another country? Do you work at a laboratory, a university, or an industrial company? Aix-Marseille Provence provides an ecosystem that helps start-ups blossom thanks to its vast network of incubators, idea labs, clusters, experts in raising capital, and coworking spaces, not to mention its fab labs, business accelerators, schools, angel investors, and flagship tech companies.