Living & Working in Provence

Make Your Proposed Move To Provence A RealityYou are thinking about investing in a business or starting a project in Provence, but on a personal level you still have questions about the implications of such a decision? You wonder what life in Provence will be like for you, your colleagues, or your family?Provence Promotion is here to help you prepare for both your professional and your personal future in Aix-Marseille-Provence and to ensure your move to the territory is as smooth and efficient as possible.


How we Help you

Our Structured Support System is Based on Years of Experience Helping Projects

Once you have chosen Aix-Marseille-Provence as the location for your business project, you will be able to rely on the custom-tailored support and top-flight international experience of the Provence Promotion team to ensure the process goes smoothly and the project enjoys long-term success. With specialized units dedicated to Prospecting, Installation, and Promotion, we have the expertise and the connections to help you with every phase of your project.

The Provence Promotion Approach:


Doing Business in Provence

Instantly Connect To The Ecosystem Where Your Business Will ThriveProvence Promotion does everything possible to help businesses launch their project in Aix-Marseille-Provence. Your company can quickly become a key player in your sector thanks to the support and connections provided by our dedicated team of experts. As an economic development agency, our job is to help your business succeed by providing you easy access to the territory’s resources and ensuring you get support that is specifically adapted to your needs:


Tourism / Retail

A Vibrant Synergy Between Retail and Tourism in Provence


Health & Wellness

A Nexus of Leading Companies and World-Class ExpertiseAs a gateway to continental Europe, Provence is a strategic choice for health and wellness companies. The combination of cutting-edge infrastructure and renowned business savoir-faire has created an economic environment where technological innovation and market collaborations thrive. Also, a network of elite private- and public-sector laboratories provide scientists with the best possible conditions to carry out their research.


Digital Economy

Provence is Committed to the Digital EconomyThe digital economy is a decisive advantage for the entire local economy and a major reason companies choose to invest in Aix-Marseille-Provence. With €8 billion in annual turnover, this sector is now as important to the territory as traditional sectors such as the port industry and the tourism industry.



Provence, a Location That Ensures Your Industrial Success

Already established as a major French industrial area, Provence has now emerged as a European leader in terms of energy resources and energy innovation within the industrial sector. Its diverse industrial and energy economy provides countless opportunities for businesses seeking to work with or alongside global leaders in such sectors as oil and gas, chemicals, plastics, composites, nuclear, or renewable energies.


Logistics & Services

Logistics, An Engine of Provence's International Competitiveness

Provence attracts new investors every year thanks to its fully developed logistics sector, its technological advances, and the continuous success of its companies. Thanks to its unbeatable location in the heart of the Europe-Middle East-Africa (EMEA) region, it is a natural gateway to emerging markets with significant growth potential.

Companies that choose to develop their project in Aix-Marseille-Provence benefit from several advantages:


Aeronautics / Naval / Optics-Photonics

Provence, a Standard-Bearer For The Industries of the Future


Our Key Sectors

Provence is the home to major international companies and renowned expertise in such key strategic sectors as the food industry, logistics, energy, technology, tourism, and commerce.