Eight investments in Provence awarded with the "Invest in Provence" label

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Eight investments in Provence awarded with the
The award of "Invest in Provence" labels to entrepreneurs recently settled in Aix-Marseille
25 November 2021 / Grow your business, invest in provence, Start your business

An event during the inauguration of the new coworking space Startway Préfecture-Marseille

Entrepreneurs hailing from Paris, Occitanie, as well as South Africa, Lebanon, Tunisia and more decided in 2021 to invest in Aix-Marseille, a region with high growth potential that is pleasant for work and home life.

Whether their decisions were carefully mulled over or made after a visit or well-timed meeting, eight of these business leaders who received assistance from Provence Promotion were recognized on November 18 for their investment choice at the festive grand opening of Startway Marseille Préfecture, collaborative workspaces open to all in a 19th century mansion. The event drew 180 guests, business leaders, entrepreneurs and self-employed workers.

Provence Promotion, whose mission is to attract investors to Provence, guide them in their choice of location and provide strategic advice, was pleased to welcome eight new companies to the "Invest in Provence" community at the launch of the second Startway site in Marseille.

The three partners of the Startway coworking network, Grégory Ortiz, Gaël Montassier and Éric Martin were the hosts of this convivial event, as well as the first recipients of the label. They were rewarded for their two investments in creating offices at the fully renovated La Poste Colbert and in a mansion in the heart of town that was also rehabbed.

"We had met with several investment agencies for years, but I must admit that the Provence Promotion business network is amazing, exceptional and friendly. Our meeting generated sparks!" enthused Éric Martin, who has been certified and is now an ambassador for the Provence region.

The Sia Partners group, consulting specialists based in Paris, picked Startway because of its new Marseille offices as part of a comprehensive national agreement. "We will increase our workforce from 5 to 20 employees within two years in Marseille. At Sia Partners, our employees are on a long waiting list to come here to live and work!" noted Sylvain Touzeau, associate director of the firm, which employs 2,000 people worldwide.

The audacity and drive of Lucas Schneyer were also rewarded with the label for having taken over and perpetuated the craftsmanship of the Roquevaire Foundry. "Thanks to Provence Promotion's Go Between program, we were able to raise public and private capital for this company and its living heritage, which we are enhancing with more modern production technologies," Lucas Schneyer boasted.

The Toulouse-based Ubigreen, which arrived in September 2021, chose Aubagne as a base from which to offer its digital solutions for professionals to improve the energy efficiency of buildings. The location was a winner because of its proximity to major highways and the talented labor pool.

After many years in Cape Town, South Africa, Robert Resseguier returned to France not to enjoy a peaceful retirement but to found r2noov, a real estate renovation company. Provence Promotion spotted him and offered him a launchpad under the "Home Sweet Home" program for French people living abroad who come back home with a business idea..

Mediterranean entrepreneurs

After his invitation to participate in Emerging Valley, Tunisian entrepreneur Wael Dehmani never left! At the M Accelerator, he is developing Purpi, a solution to revitalize city centers. "We were planning to set up in Paris, but we ultimately chose Marseille for its strong potential. This city is changing fast," stressed Wael Dehmani.

Two childhood friends involved in the digital transformation left Lebanon for Marseille, where they are developing their concepts. After the explosion in the port of Beirut, Wasim Basile chose to locate his public relations agency, Interesting Times, in Marseille. He convinces his childhood friend, Laurent Salet, to do the same. In May Salet founded Santafoo, a digital start-up that offers home delivery of fresh and local products.

The party enabled the label recipients to exchange cards - business never stops after all.