In Provence, the Forces of Nature Contribute to Energy Performance

The environmental and renewable-energy sector has an enormous presence in Provence and the green energy field offers many opportunities for development. According to the French national committee for clean tech, Provence is in the Top 3 for new green energy start-ups.



Sports and Outdoors Activities, One of Area’s Great Attractions and Also a Dynamic Economic Sector



Cosmetics in Provence: A tradition of excellence, a renowned expertise


Smart Cities

The Smart City is at the Core of the Region's Economic Future

Demonstrating its total commitment to the smart city concept, the entire Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region is fostering a series of bold new experiments in digital technology and sustainable development.

Supported by the presence of major development projects, this strategy offers a vast array of superb market opportunities. The goal of the smart city is to create intelligent urban systems with low-energy buildings, innovative transport networks, and connected services for all users.



A fournir


Software/Digital Services/Consulting

Provence is Home to a State-of-the-Art Software Sector

The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region features the third-largest software and IT services sector in France with 21 000 employees and 1500 companies. The ecosystem is home to businesses with diverse specialties including pure player developers, software providers, software and computer engineering firms, and IT services companies.


Microelectronics & IoT

Microelectronics are being reimagined in Provence thanks to IoT technology

Provence is the birthplace of the smart card industry. With standard-bearers such the international semi-conductor leader STMicroelectronics and Gemalto, the world’s top smart card manufacturer in the 1990s when the company was known as Gemplus, the local sector paved the way for the widespread adoption of smart card technology in France and around the world.



Provence, the home of e-commerce

The Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis is a top strategic location to develop e-commerce activities. The metropolis is the leading European interconnection platform, a great advantage to companies, which benefit from high-performance network infrastructure and world-class data centers and their capacity to support high volumes of transactions or high peaks in sales.


Big Data/Data Centers

Provence, A Top 5 Data Hub in Europe

The elite cities for data services in Europe have always been known by the acronym “FLAP” for Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, and Paris. But now, with the emergence of Marseille as a new leader in data centers and network connections, FLAP is becoming FLA"M”P. Industry leaders such as Interxion, TDF, and Jaguar have invested heavily in infrastructure in Aix-Marseille-Provence, transforming the area into a global hub for the transmission and storage of computer data.


Tourism Investments