Voxia Restauration: a successful business takeover in Provence

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Voxia Restauration: a successful business takeover in Provence
24 March 2016 / Reprenez une entreprise, Générale, Agroalimentaire
Customized training for restaurateurs and pastry chefs

Taking over a business is not always easy. Yet Pierre Severan chose precisely that challenge in September 2015 when he bought Voxia Restauration. Based in Marseille's St. Barnabé neighborhood, this small company offers general and technical workshops to professionals in the food industry taught by renowned chefs and pastry makers.
With more than 500 trainings carried out in 2015 and a 40% boost in total sales over the previous year, the company's high-end positioning is well suited to a local landscape that draws tourists and boasts culinary appeal. Thanks to development assistance from several agencies such as the IRCE, CRA and Provence Promotion, Voxia Restauration is hatching plans to expand and diversify in a constantly changing industry.

If you want to achieve excellence in the food industry, it pays to take risks. When Pierre Severan decided to take on Voxia Restauration in 2015, he was taking a deep dive into the unknown. He was backed by several organizations, including the IRCE (Regional Institute for Business Creation and Growth), which gave him targeted training, and Provence Promotion, which enrolled him in its special program for taking over an existing business, "Go Between in Provence". Facilitated networking, established contacts and customers and an existing market were all advantages that persuaded Pierre Severan to opt to buy a business rather than create a new one. With an honor loan for 16,000 euros from Initiative Marseille Métropole and from Total Développement Régional for 20,000 euros, this first-time entrepreneur was able to enhance his culinary training center and surround himself with top talent. The roster of trainers at Voxia Restauration includes World Pastry Making Champion Quentin Bailly, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and World Dessert Champion Serge Billet and Michelin-starred chefs such as Pascal Ginoux and Serge Chenet. Indeed, for Pierre Severan, a former sales director in textiles, "Culinary design is also an area where you can express your creativity and pursue beauty in art,"...and taste. It looks like success is on the menu for Voxia Restauration.

Customized training for restaurateurs and pastry chefs

The skill and excellence of the trainers adds to the wealth and diversity of the classes offered by this Provence-based company. What's more, Voxia Restauration adapts to the needs of professionals. For example, specialized training on a particular type of cuisine (low-temperature cooking, single-serving desserts, etc.) are on the schedule; plus restaurateurs and pastry chefs can take more general courses on management, running a restaurant, sanitation, fine dining service, etc.
Voxia Restauration also offers intra-company and inter-company internships to promote learning and a better understanding of the challenges of each establishment. In 2015, more than 500 professionals participated in training at their own place of business, and more than 500 trainings were given in 2015.

In a region where tourism and restaurants play a major role in the local economy, Voxia Restauration has found a natural niche. The company already had respectable sales of 500,000 euros in 2014, but it raked in 700,000 euros in 2015 and fully intends to expand nationally by developing new networks. It also plans to hire two to three people over the next three years.