thecamp organizing an international workshop on virtual, mixed and augmented realities

thecamp organizing an international workshop on virtual, mixed and augmented realities
13 November 2017 /

Conferences, exchanges and classes with top experts

The innovative campus thecamp invites you to attend an international workshop on virtual, mixed and augmented realities, "VR / MR / AR for impact!", presented by virtual, mixed and augmented reality experts on November 16 & 17, 2017. Over the two days, 25 speakers from around the world, including opinion-leader specialists, researcher-lecturers and artists will be presenting 45 themed workshops and talking about the impact and future development of these leading-edge technologies.

The event is aimed at experienced professionals wishing to improve their knowledge, share ideas, enjoy the experience and take their projects forward. It will be an opportunity to network with peers and to take a tour of thecamp in Provence, the new emblematic and futuristic center for emerging technologies and social innovation in Europe.

Until now, the best-known applications of virtual, mixed or augmented reality have been in the field of video gaming. Beyond the purely entertainment factor, their use brings with it new perceptions of the world that could potentially open onto new types of social and human relations.

It is in this end that the "VR/MR/AR for Impact!" workshop, co-organized with Games for Change, and association which brings together developers, artists, researchers, entrepreneurs and users around social and educational themes, is being held.

Consequently, the topics proposed in the workshops will be very varied, from design, production and means of distribution to the influence of cognitive science and neuroscience and the potential for artificial intelligence to enhance the virtual experience, while at the same time promoting positive approaches whether in the fields of gaming or the media.

The discussions will draw widely on actual cases and the afternoon workshops will be more masterclass format-based. Interactive experiences will also be proposed plus themed lunches and dinners (neuroscience, empathy, storytelling…) and a guided tour of the thecamp, which recently opened as a center for exploring the technologies of the future.

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