The First App Aimed at Independent Retailers

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The First App Aimed at Independent Retailers
09 March 2015 / Logiciel / Conseil / SSII, Créez votre entreprise , Générale, Microélectronique / IOT, Média
The Rue Centrale Story Already in 2013, 37.5% of retailers in city centers were linked to a major brand. Faced with this rampant uniformity, the three founders of Rue Centrale, corner-store aficionados, decided to take up the cause in their own way in order to preserve a human touch in the shopping experience… This militant action led to the founding in March 2014 of a start-up devoted to giving enhanced visibility to these small store owners and their goods. Launched in Marseille a few months ago, the application has already won over more than 450 local store owners. While the first round of fund-raising on 150,000 Euros has just come to an end, the communications director Rodolphe Matray tells us how this innovative, simple and intelligent idea is saving the soul of our neighborhoods…