Sporting Events: Ideal Opportunities to Meet with Companies

Sporting Events: Ideal Opportunities to Meet with Companies
30 June 2016 / Vous revenez en france, Reprenez une entreprise, Créez votre entreprise , Implantez, Générale, Aéronautique
To strengthen relationship with potential investors

Detecting companies outside our region and country, then persuading them to relocate their business to Provence: this is the stage at which Provence Promotion takes every opportunity — even sporting events — to strengthen its relationships with potential investors. The summer prelude is offering an unprecedented calendar of events, including two athletic endeavors, a Euro 2016 quarter-final match and the annual regatta "Les Voiles de l’Aéronautique", both of which will serve as elite settings for hosting businesses. Combined with field tours and professional meetings, these sporting events are a chance to demonstrate the region's appeal to entrepreneurs from seven countries and four business sectors. Marseille, which will be the European Capital of Sport in 2016, should continue to be a preferred venue for B2B meetings.

On June 30, a business delegation invited by Provence Promotion will attend the Euro 2017 quarter-final match. There will be a round table with Ms. Solange Biaggi, President of Provence Promotion, and Mr. Jacques Pfister, Vice- President, to answer questions from French and foreign entrepreneurs and executives whose various kinds of projects (aeronautics, digital, logistics, etc.) are at different stages of advancement in the region (pre-relocation, relocation in progress or completed relocation).

For the agency, which is in charge of promoting Bouches-du-Rhône to potential investors, the UEFA Euro 2016 is the perfect occasion. It considerably boosts the attractiveness of Marseille, which is hosting a total of six matches over the tournament. With an estimated economic impact of €180 million on the entire region, the tournament is certainly big enough to make an impression. For the business owners and executives in attendance, this sporting highlight could play a decisive role in influencing their investment decisions. Beyond the game, they will receive personalized tours of the Bouches-du-Rhône area to observe its economy up close.

Hoisting the region's colors

"Les Voiles de l’Aéronautique" is another great opportunity for the economic development agency to promote Provence. A fantastic outing awaits the professionals of the French aeronautics sector who will come compete for fun and for the first "Henri Fabre Trophy" named for the Marseille native who invented the hydroplane and the Team Henri-Fabre association*, which aims to create a new economic model in the region for industrial firms, especially those in aeronautics.

This inter-professional regatta will take place in the Bay of Marseille from July 2 to 4. More than twenty crews from companies such as Safran Snecma, ESA, Thales Alenia Space, Airbus, ATR, Sogetti, Zodiac Aerospace, Helicopters Guimbal, Esterline and more will take part in the race.

For Provence Promotion, partnering with this sporting event makes sense. The agency works closely throughout the year with Team Henri-Fabre to encourage economic development in the aerospace, energy and naval industries in Bouches-du-Rhône. Provence Promotion is therefore taking advantage of the event to meet professionals and introduce them to the assets of a region that combines quality of life on the job with personal well-being.

* TEAM Henri-Fabre is a public-private project based on collaboration between industrial firms, local authorities, the research community and training and employment actors in the fields of mechanics, materials and industrial processes.

Video presenting the "Les Voiles de l'Aéronautique" regatta