Seoul Airshow 09, we were there

Seoul Airshow 09, we were there
20 October 2009 - 25 October 2009 / Aéronautique
High flying for Provence!
The biggest companies in the defence, aeronautical and aerospace industries will be present at the Seoul Airshow to be held between October 20 and 25 2009. This will provide a unique shop window in which visitors can get to know the Provence region and the vitality of its companies who have everything necessary to attract their Asian homologues in the search for European partnerships and installations.
The South Korean industry has been considered to be one of the most dynamic in Asia for many years. Since its strong growth in the 1970s, the country has considerably expanded subcontracting and co-development agreements with many Western partners, including France. South Korea has many high performance industries in the shipbuilding, car manufacturing, aeronautical and space industries, it has gradually made progress on the international market and is now one of the leading countries for large industries and is home to groups such as Daewoo, Hyundai, Samsung Electronics, etc.