"We received enormous support from Provence Promotion in setting up our sustainable distribution platform -right in the city center!"

success story
17 December 2010 / Générale, Logistique
An Interview With Jérôme Libeskind (Sogaris)

Officially opened on October 22, 2010, Sogaris' Marseilles urban logistics center has been operational since 2007, occupying a 22-acre site. "It's one of the largest urban logistics centers in France and one of the most modern", points out Jérôme Libeskind, Sogaris' director of sales and property management. Located right at the heart of the city in the Arenc district, and with direct road and rail connections, the center breaks all the industry conventions and provides a new take on urban logistics with better performance in economic, social and environmental terms… A genuinely sustainable distribution center!