Provence reveals its ambitious strategy to Attract Entrepreneurs

Provence reveals its ambitious strategy to Attract Entrepreneurs
28 July 2016 / Investir en provence, Vous revenez en france, Reprenez une entreprise, Créez votre entreprise , Implantez, Générale
2015 annual report and strategic guidelines for 2016

At the Provence Promotion annual general meeting on July 1, 2016, the agency's CEO, Philippe Stéfanini, presented its 2015 achievements: 60 successfully completed investment projects creating over 1,800 new jobs in the region. He then submitted for approval the 2016 strategic guidelines for Provence and its new metropolitan area.

Solange Biaggi, President of Provence Promotion, reaffirmed the agency's goal to attract entrepreneurs: "Our actions are intended to bolster the region's image among investors, attract the best companies to ensure our major industrial and scientific plans succeed and improve our solutions for hosting economic activities and jobs. Now more than ever, opening up to entrepreneurs and talented individuals from around the world is the shared commitment driving the communities and economic forces that converge at Provence Promotion to create prosperity for all. In international prospecting, our goals are to establish a permanent presence in the U.S. and to organize targeted promotional initiatives in Germany. "

The results achieved by the economic development agency Provence Promotion were presented at its annual general meeting on July 1, 2016. Some 60 investment projects were successfully completed, generating more than 1,800 jobs, 66% of which were funded by foreign – mainly British – capital.

The 2015 performance of the Bouches-du-Rhône region in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) is reflected in the France FDI report compiled by Business France. In particular, the Aix-Marseilles Provence metropolitan area attracted the second- and third-largest investors in Europe by number of projects completed: the Indian firm ArcelorMittal which launched a €40 million investment in its steel mill at Fos-sur-Mer and Germany's DHL Group, which doubled the size of its hub at the Marseilles-Provence airport.

For Solange Biaggi, President of Provence Promotion, these results point to strategic orientations to intensify in 2016. "Our development agency must continue pursuing these diverse actions to attract entrepreneurs, showcase the region's image to make it ever more attractive to investors and remain devoted to continuously improving the support we provide in close collaboration with all the economic development stakeholders in the region. We have already begun harmonizing efforts to welcome companies to our region with common tools." 

Targeted International Prospecting

In 2016, Provence Promotion has been making major adjustments to its international prospecting strategy. Solange Biaggi stresses the agency's willingness to deepen its relations with the United States and Germany, the two biggest purveyors of international files.

"Our 2015 results show that the Marseilles region is the most attractive in two strategic sectors for  foreign companies. In microelectronics, new business ventures launched in Provence account for 33% of the total for France, while the figure is 60% for telecom and Internet operators. In reality, however, the region boasts many appealing business sectors for foreign investors, with its logistics, high-level services, aeronautics, naval, energy, eco-industrial, health, well-being, tourism and retail sectors," explains Philippe Stéfanini. "This advantage is reflected in the cross-functional nature of the projects in the area".

In 2016, Provence Promotion will continue to meet with international investors to promote all the region's major industrial and research projects, such as Henri-Fabre, Piicto, French Tech Aix-Marseilles, CEA and projects linked to the Cité des Energies.

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