“Provence Promotion? To make the best choice!”

“Provence Promotion?  To make the best choice!”
15 May 2007 / Générale, Microélectronique / IOT, Biotechnologie
Interview with Arielle Cogniat (Newsteo)

Some listen better than others … And in this context, the Newsteo company (soon to be set up in La Ciotat) has very high finely tuned hearing because its project is based on a very simple concept:  how to solve communication problems in noisy and disturbed environments such as on construction sites or in fire zones.  The result is the creation of the Newsteo Phone, a radiophonic device that transmits information through vibration properties of bone …  and going on from one idea to the next, the company now has an entire range of solutions varying from voice transmission to all types of data … and obviously secure wireless solutions!  Arielle Cogniat, marketing Manager, tells us what she thinks …