"Pégase is going to give the region a genuinely unique advantage!"

30 January 2007 / Générale, Aéronautique
Interview with Jean Yves Longère (Pégase Cluster)

The Pégase Cluster is starting to takeoff.  It is already starting to spread its wings while waiting for its candidature as a competitiveness cluster to be accepted (which should happen at the next CIAT in February 2007).  The cluster is displaying its energy with 120 intended project sheets, and 40 projects under construction.  "All projects satisfy the same concept, as Jean-Yves Longère, Director of the Pégase Cluster explains;  these innovative projects should favour the emergence of new aeronautical application fields;  surveillance missions of sites classified by Unesco, air transport of very large or very heavy objects such as mobile hospitals, etc.″
Flying will always carry a dream towards the future!