Marseille Provence MP2 Low-Cost Terminal Gets New Look!

Marseille Provence MP2 Low-Cost Terminal Gets New Look!
24 November 2014 / Investir en provence, Implantez, Générale
Revamp and new concepts for travelers’ comfort and well-being

Former cargo terminal converted into a basic-service, low-cost passenger hub, Marseille Provence “mp2” has continued its development ever since it opened in 2006. Back then, Ryanair had selected it as its first French base, offering 13 new low-cost routes. Today, mp2 serves more than 40 direct destinations and handles almost 2 million passengers yearly. This success has led to the official unveiling, on Wednesday November 19 last, of the product of its latest investment – the renovated mp2 terminal areas, which include 1100 sq. m. of retail space. 

Specially designed to cater for low-cost airlines, the mp2 terminal in 2006 was the innovative concept the region needed to tap into a booming market. At the time, it was a ground-breaking move in France and a response to the changes taking place in air travel within Europe.

In creating "mp2", Marseille Provence Airport enabled more people to travel to more places more often. The number of tourists visiting Provence increased, bringing economic benefits estimated for 2012 at €675 M. Reservations are made on the Web and customers have now become used to getting by with the basic services. Low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and Easyjet made good use of the technical and sales set-ups unique in France at the time to expand their services not just to popular destinations, capitals and major cities but also to Africa, with routes such as Marseille-Marrakesh. 

With the maturing low-cost air travel model today, the accent is on offering more services to the customer. Consequently, Marseille Provence Airport is following the trend and has invested €6 M in improving passenger comfort at mp2. It has just opened an additional 30% of commercial space, with new relaxation, restaurant and shopping areas. 

The new concepts include: 
• A vast, latest-generation Aelia Duty Free area focusing on customer-oriented performance, digital innovation and service quality under its new banner, “The Art of the Gift”;
• A Relay store, also latest generation, twinned with an Air de Provence store, a concept created specifically for AMP;
• A new Autogrill® restaurant, "La Tapenade", specializing in Mediterranean flavors and produce, adding to the service provided by the Autogrill® Class' Croute in the arrival/departure lobby. 

If "mp2" today represents 23.2% of the total traffic at Marseille Provence Airport, this percentage is sure to increase in future, given its increasing popularity even among business travelers, whether entrepreneurs from SMEs or independent professionals.