Marseille-Provence airport invests massively to prepare for the future

Marseille-Provence airport invests massively to prepare for the future
17 November 2016 / Investir en provence, Générale
500 million through 2026

The Marseille-Provence airport unveiled its new visual branding last week and announced a new plan to invest 500 million euros to carry out significant transformations. Everything – including indoor and outdoor additions, improved airport access, terminal expansion and equipment upgrades – has been redesigned to support the growth of this major resource, which welcomed 8.3 million visitors to the Aix-Marseille-Provence region in 2015 thanks to direct links to and from 110 destinations around the world.

To fend off competition, keep pace with developments in the aviation sector and continue improving the coverage and quality of services offered to its business and tourism customers, the Marseille-Provence airport is maintaining its investment strategy.

The airport was a pioneer in 2006 when it launched the first European low-cost terminal, MP2, and it virtually doubled its offer in the span of 10 years while posting strong growth in express freight traffic. Now the fourth-largest French airport in terms of passengers, whose economic impact was estimated at 4.3 billion euros in 2013, is about to raise the bar once again. The first changes will be visible in 2017. Direct access parking, a new bus station, landscaped footpaths and easier access to rental cars will be the beginnings of a major transformation program. 

500 million in investments through 2026

The goal of the Marseille-Provence airport is to prepare for the future and the half-billion euros in play reflect the high stakes for the region.

The expansion of the MP2 terminal will create parking slots for two additional aircraft; two boarding lounges and a new baggage claim area will also be built. A new 20,000 m2 boarding jetty will be added to accommodate long-haul, widebody aircraft and achieve greater flexibility in aircraft processing based on origin.

Finally, the strategic cornerstone of the metamorphosis is the creation of a new 15,500 m2 main concourse to accommodate a growing number of travelers under excellent conditions.

10 million passengers by 2020

The Marseille-Provence airport expects to see its annual passenger volume increase to 10 million by 2020 and it is making the customer experience a priority.

To this end, the new boarding, waiting and arrival areas will be designed in a spirit that is especially attentive to the wishes expressed via the collaborative platform "#Et Si vous transformiez l’aéroport Marseille Provence avec nous" (#Help us transform the Marseille-Provence airport). These areas will be conceived to facilitate traffic flows and provide the highest level of comfort and services in line with traveler profiles (cruise ship passengers, families, business travelers, etc.).

The main concourse will link the existing terminals 1 and 3 and will feature a large stand that promotes the many facets of Provence (cultural events, cuisine, sightseeing, etc.). There will also be a sensory immersion corridor where sights, sounds and smells will combine to deliver a unique customer experience in the form of an innovative message of welcome.