Kamp’n – New Member of the "Invest in Provence" Community

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Kamp’n – New Member of the
12 May 2016 / Logiciel / Conseil / SSII, Créez votre entreprise , Générale, Microélectronique / IOT, Média, Technologies Médicales
The web marketing start-up is banking on a dynamic digital sector – but not only …

Marseille-born entrepreneur Charles Martin Laval has lived and worked in Paris for many years. After setting up a first web marketing company, he developed an innovative technology capable of optimizing Google and Facebook advertising campaigns. It's with this project in his bags that he intends moving back to Provence. Contacted by Provence Promotion for a meeting at the Paris E-commerce show in August, 2015, he was subsequently invited to meet digital-sector stakeholders in Provence and provided with assistance for his move "back home". Kamp’N opened its office in Marseille in March, 2016, thus becoming a member of the "Invest in Provence" community of companies who have chosen Provence as the base for their business development and benefited from the economic development agency's support.

KAMP’N is an advertising campaign management tool for Google and Facebook provided on a SaaS basis. Design on it began in 2013 in collaboration with Emmanuel Guyot, founder of Digitick.

When Provence Promotion first contacted him, Charles Martin-Laval, the project carrier, had just sold his shares in his first Paris company, set up in 2008. He was approached by the agency as part of a focused market development strategy aimed specifically at businesses and entrepreneur profiles that are sought after in Provence. From the very first contacts, Charles Martin-Laval talked to Provence Promotion about his enterprise creation project for Provence. The agency invited him to meet its local partners and provided support for the finalization of his business plan.

In December, 2015, Charles Martin-Laval participated in the Financial IT Day event, after which the director of the Belle de Mai Business Incubator, Céline Soulier, invited him to join the Perform PACA program providing support for high growth-potential businesses.

The development of the Kamp’n solution meant funds were required fast. Provence Promotion helped Martin-Laval organize a first financing round table involving several potential investors locally and public-sector institutions. The meeting proved fruitful, a subsidy being granted by BPIFrance and Provence Business Angels showing interest in a first round of fundraising to take place this summer. Charles Martin-Laval explains, "The support provided by Provence Promotion was a key factor in our decision to set up in Marseille. Their energy and responsiveness meant we were able to meet the right people at a crucial moment in a business's existence."

Kamp'n is banking on a dynamic digital sector – but not only …

The company opened its office in downtown Marseille in March, 2016 and is urgently looking to hire a technical manager, 10 engineers and sales engineers within the next year – expanding to 30 staff within three years if all goes to plan. The company is conscious of the attraction the Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolitan Area has for the talent they are targeting. It's an environment that combines professional efficiency with quality of life, essential elements for talents to thrive, employees' motivation and a happy family environment… The "French Tech metropolis" label awarded to Aix-Marseille by the French government is proof of the huge potential of Provence's digital sector to carry future projects forward.

Provence Promotion is delighted to welcome this new business to the region. Charles Martin-Laval will be at the Shake event in Marseille on May 17 to talk about his company's location to Provence and to receive the "Invest in Provence" label marking his induction into the community of investors in Provence, the main purpose of which is to encourage networking and synergies between its members.

About Kamp’n
Kamp'n is developing a platform for managing Google AdWords and Facebook Ads campaigns geared to advertiser context.
The software is aimed at advertisers and agencies that have acquired the expertise and need a tool to take optimization a step further, thus making their campaigns more efficient and more cost-effective.
Agencies and advertisers such as Digitick, La Redoute and Woodbrass use Kamp'n on a daily basis to automate keyword management and their social network campaigns. www.kampn.com