Invitation during the Cartes Secure Connexions Show in Paris

Invitation during the Cartes Secure Connexions Show in Paris
19 November 2015 / Logiciel / Conseil / SSII, Vous revenez en france, Reprenez une entreprise, Créez votre entreprise , Implantez, Générale, Microélectronique / IOT, Média
Find out all about contactless technologies in Provence

At the occasion of the Cartes Secure Connexions Show in Paris, Provence Promotion and the National RFID Center (CNRFID) invite you to take part in a special "Provence" program being recorded on Thursday November 19 at the TV studio (Hall 3 - Innovation TV).

Discover the region of contactless excellence that is Provence through interviews with Jean-Christophe Lecosse, CEO of the CNRFID, Erik Fackeldey senior digital projects manager at Provence Promotion and Michel Villemain, CEO of US firm Presto Engineering, which recently set up at Meyreuil near Aix-en-Provence. His testimonial will highlight the opportunities available in the region in the field of connected objects. The program will be followed a prizegiving ceremony at which Presto Engineering will receive the "Invest in Provence" label and by a networking cocktail.

In the Innovation Playground, organized by the CNRFID and showcasing the various uses of contactless techlogies, participants will be able to network at a Provençal cocktail buffet and obtain further information on digital technologies and micrelectronics in Provence and the pool of high added-value skills it provides.

The Innovation Playground, which hosts the event, will also feature other concrete examples presented by the CNRFID's Connecwave platform, including the waste recycling container, smart gas meter and smart screens and cars.

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