HR Path continues to grow internationally while solidifying its foothold in Marseille

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HR Path continues to grow internationally while solidifying its foothold in Marseille
François Boulet, co-founder and president of HR Path
29 June 2022 / Grow your business, invest in provence

A strategic step accompanied by a €225 million fund-raising round

HR Path, a global human resources giant operating in 19 countries in Asia, North America, and Europe, has made Marseille its base for managing its information system and international finance activities. In May 2022, the group completed a €225 million fund-raising round to continue ramping up its growth and to implement a vast hiring plan. With assistance from Provence Promotion, the company expanded its Marseille office in 2018 and today HR Path is thrilled with the company's success and the new high value-added jobs it has created in the region. François Boulet, co-founder and president of HR Path, will be carefully monitoring this strategic phase.

Just a year after raising €113 million, HR Path embarked on another growth round in 2022 to inject an additional €225 million through a banking pool and investment funds, so it can continue developing the group, which is an established leader in human resources.

«This growth is the result of our momentum in the United States and Canada. We are now able to respond to international requests for proposals so that we can channel revenue to all our subsidiaries thanks to clients (banks, laboratories) that do business in multiple countries», notes François Boulet, who co-founded HR Path with Cyril Courtin in 2001. Over its 21 years of operation, the company has pursued three main business lines: change management and the digitization of human resources, deployment of information systems for this support function (payroll and talent management) and payroll outsourcing.

150 jobs planned for France, 10% of which will be in Marseille

HR Path has thorough coverage in France with 19 agencies. In 2010, it opened an office near the Old Port in Marseille, a great location to assist the big family-owned companies based in Marseille with their global growth. In 2018, the company left its downtown offices for more spacious digs in the heart of Euroméditerranée.

Marseille is not just a regular agency, François Boulet explains: «Of our 1,300 employees worldwide, 40 are based in Marseilles and head up the group's international finance and information systems departments. It was in Marseille that we bought RHnet, a firm that specializes in integrating the HR management software HR Access».

«I love this city where some of my family lives», says François Boulet. The company, which expects to add 400 new employees per year over the next five years and to double its annual sales, once again intends to call on Provence Promotion to act as a go-between with the region's schools. Locally, that amounts to about 15 future recruitments in Marseille and 150 across France. In March 2022, HR Path, a French Tech member, ended its fiscal year with total sales of €140 million, a 30% surge over its 2021 figures.