Good start to the year for xRapid with 2 awards at CES 2021!

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Good start to the year for xRapid with 2 awards at CES 2021!
xRblood device and xHale mask received an Innovation Award CES 2021
07 January 2021 / Biotech, Internet of Things, invest in provence, Medical Technologies

Two Award Innovation Product: xHale Mask and xRBlood Blood Test Device

As the 2021 edition of CES (Consumer Electronic Show) opens in a 100% digital version, the jury has already awarded its first prizes. Among the eleven tricolor start-ups nominated, xRapid, based in Aix-en-Provence, is the only French company to be awarded two prizes this year, one for its xHale smart mask, the other for its xRBlood Covid 19 blood testing device. Since the relocation of its R&D center to Aix-en-Provence following the announcement of the referendum on Brexit in 2016, the London-based international start-up xRapid has been multiplying its innovations. Explanations...

Already rewarded in 2020 for its innovation xRblood Pro, xRapid, a start-up specializing in the design and deployment of digital tools and Artificial Intelligence in the field of healthcare, has once again attracted the attention of the CES jury.

Adapted for Covid 19 screening, xRblood has enabled xRCovid to see the light of day. The redeployed application for the analysis and monitoring of Rapid Diagnostic Serological Tests (RDTs) has brought new artificial intelligence technology to laboratories.

Jean Viry-Babel, CEO and co-founder of the Xrapid Group, made a commitment at the start of the health crisis to put his company's expertise at the service of coronavirus research. This distinction is a great reward for an innovation that continues to move forward with the implementation of a direct transmission of results to the General Health Department.

2nd innovation awarded at CES 2021, the Provencal xHale mask

With the same desire to find solutions to fight against the pandemic, xRapid has developed the xHale mask. It offers an equivalent level of protection UNS1, FFP2 and FFP3, adaptable with a simple filter. This innovation earned xRapid an Innovation Award in the wearable technology category.

The first intelligent mask, equipped with a pressure sensor ventilation technology, it offers the comfort necessary for daily use and a futuristic design created by the Marseille agency Arc en Ciel. This mask is also suitable for sportsmen and women. It protects against pollution, pollens and is suitable for people suffering from asthma or prone to panic attacks.

Made in Provence, 1000 copies will be delivered in January.

For Jean-Viry Babel, this edition of the CES highlights once again all the capabilities of the French territory and the South of France in terms of innovations.

"The French contingent at CES continues to be strong, and we can only note the breakthrough of the local start-ups as a real breeding ground for innovation. At xRapid, we service common good on a global scale using our advanced, artificial intelligence technologies. The renown of a CES award only confirms our ability to bring concrete solutions to the needs of the post-Covid era"

xRapid is one of 17 regional start-ups that will showcase their products on the CES platform from January 11-14, 2021.

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