Fundraising Round Imminent for Start-Up LpDClick

Fundraising Round Imminent for Start-Up LpDClick
31 August 2016 / Générale, Technologies Médicales, Biotechnologie
Financing an innovative solution for legionnaires' disease risk management

To finance the finalizing of its innovative solution for reducing the risk of legionnaires' disease, LpDClick is organizing a crowd-funding campaign on the RAIZERS website, due to start on September 12, 2016.

Based on a technological breakthrough of the counting of Legionella pneumophila bacteria, LpDClick's solution enables easy self-monitoring on site and faster results, thereby accelerating the implementation of any remedial measures. A completely new solution, usable in conjunction with regulatory controls, that is already attracting interest from businesses and manufacturing industries.

"Reducing the risk of legionnaire's disease is a major health issue. In office buildings, tourist complexes and in all facilities open to the public generally, monitoring hot water systems is essential," explains LpDClick co-founder and CEO Sam Dukan. "It's also an important economic issue, since closing down premises due to legionnaires' disease can result in considerable financial losses, not to mention the negative impact on corporate image."

LpDClick is looking to raise 1.1 million Euro, the amount necessary to finalize and then put into production and place on the market its kits, starting in 2018. The first 500 prototypes will be put on sale at around 50 Euro each with full production due to begin during the second half of 2018.

Co-founder of the start-up, located in the Grand Luminy Technopôle biotechnology incubator in Marseille, Sam Dukan has been working on the project since 2012 as part of his work at the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), building partnerships with companies such as BASF and Suez Environnement. Developed with a number of exclusive patent licenses granted by the SATT Sud Est - a technology transfer accelerator - at the end of 2014, the auto-testing kits have today proved their reliability. This round of fundraising now aims to bring this solution to a world market.

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