A Four-Mode Port at the Heart of our Region

A Four-Mode Port at the Heart of our Region
17 October 2014 / Implantez, Générale, Logistique
An Interview with Jean-Charles Hille

Arles’ river port, the most downstream on the Rhône, has just celebrated its 30th anniversary with the opening of a new terminal. At the crossroads of Europe’s north-south route (Rhône-Saône), this young facility, set up the Pays d'Arles CCI and the CNR, covers 11 ha (with 4000 sq. m. of warehouse space) on the public port side with a further 40 ha for private companies. It handles ships of around 3000 tonnes. Jean-Charles Hille, Senior Vice-President of the Pays d’Arles CCI in charge of local planning and the Port of Arles, speaks of its potential at a time when energy-saving and less-polluting solutions are increasingly relevant…