Fos-Ouest Industrial Platform Provides New Impetus

Fos-Ouest Industrial Platform Provides New Impetus
20 November 2014 / Générale, Energies, Eco-Industries
The PIICTO Story

More than ever, the economy is in need of smart initiatives! The creation of the PIICTO (Plateforme Industrielle et d'Innovation de Caban Tonkin) association, which brings together 12 industrial companies within the Fos ZIP (port and industrial zone), local and central government agencies headed by the PACA Prefecture and institutions, of which Provence Promotion is a qualifying member, is a good example. The association’s existence is due to a collective awareness of its necessity; its aim is to identify possible synergies and consolidate the industrial ecosystem by mobilizing the existing industries along the GPMM’s line of strategy. Its president, Jean-Philippe Gendarme, head of the Kem One plant at Fos, one of the largest chlorine production sites in Europe, reveals how innovation and attractiveness are becoming key features of the site…