Focus on the Marseille stage of a regional tour dedicated to the animation industry

Focus on the Marseille stage of a regional tour dedicated to the animation industry
12 May 2022 / invest in provence, Media

A view of the potential of the Aix-Marseille-Provence sector with SudAnim

After visiting Avignon and Arles, the audiovisual professionals invited by the South Region to discover the potential of the Creative and Cultural Industries (CCI) in Provence, ended their visit of the territory with a stop in Marseille on May 6, 2022. These companies, mostly audiovisual production companies from Paris, were welcomed by SudAnim and a group of partners (City of Marseille, Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis, Rising Sud and Provence Promotion) who presented them the assets of the sector and the opportunities to set up business.

Among the other presentations they attended was that of André Santelli, the CNC's territorial delegate for the France 2030 plan, on the government's call for projects "La grande fabrique de l'image" (The Great Image Factory), which aims to create a new growth shock for the audiovisual sector.

Taking care of by the City of Marseille, the companies were first invited to a networking evening organized by Provence Promotion and the SudAnim association, which brings together experts with a passion for 2D, 3D, stop motion, motion design, video games and VFX, as well as schools and training centers.

The next day, at the Belle de Mai Media Center, a sequence was held on the territory's projects and on the measures put in place to facilitate their establishment projects via personalized support for their search for premises, financing or partnerships. Several types of premises were then presented to them, from ready-to-use offices to an entire site to be developed.

For the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis, also involved in the organization of this event, it is important to develop funds to support production in addition to those of the Region Sud. This sector represents a major development potential for which it has voted to set up a dedicated support fund that could reach 600 K€ over three years.

Attractiveness beyond natural decors

If Provence is well known for being a land blessed with outdoor filming, it is not well known for the quality of its ecosystem. SudAnim, created in April 2021, wishes to promote the skills of animation actors through professional events and joint projects.

Olivier Marchetti, director of Provence Studios in Martigues, presented his production tool (15 sets on 26,000m2) including the exceptional Next Stage set with 350 m2 of vertical LED screens. An innovative immersive equipment (only 2 in Europe) that already hosts many shootings (commercials, short or feature films) by disrupting the production of content through a technological approach that converges digital, cinema and animation.

Erik Fackeldey, Project Manager for the Digital Economy at Provence Promotion, took the opportunity to point out that Marseille will soon be one of the world's top five Internet hubs, which will give it a competitive advantage in terms of data transfer, the fluidity of collaborative work and streaming.

The delegation was also interested in the ecological aspects, including the photovoltaic panels that make Provence Studios a positive energy building and the River Cooling system for Interxion's data centers

The "Grande fabrique de l'image" call for projects

In the future, Aix-Marseille intends to further structure its film and audiovisual industry around new projects. Emmanuel Macron's "Marseille en grand" plan already supports the modernization of the Belle de Mai Media Center, but he also wants to create large studios in France, particularly in the Mediterranean region.

The call for projects "La grande fabrique de l'image", operated by the Caisse des dépôts et consignations (CDC) in conjunction with the Centre national du cinéma et de l'image animée (CNC), represents an opportunity for the region. Its objective is to develop film studios, production and post-production infrastructures, and training for tomorrow's talent in new professions and new writing, with a public subsidy envelope of €350 million. Applications must be submitted by October 31.