First French Marine Geothermal Energy Plant Opened at Euroméditerranée, Marseille

First French Marine Geothermal Energy Plant Opened at Euroméditerranée, Marseille
24 October 2016 / Générale, Energies
The sea as a source of energy

The first marine geothermal power plant in France, Thassalia, has just been unveiled in Marseille. Innovative and sustainable, Thassalia exploits the sea as a source of energy and provides a way to make use of renewable energy sources available locally –in this case, the heat contained in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The project is a perfect example of innovation at the service of energy transition and efficiency and consistent with the objective of making the Euroméditerranée district a laboratory for the sustainable city.
Located within the Port of Marseille, the Thassalia marine geothermal energy plant is the first in France –and in Europe- to use thermal energy drawn from sea water to heat and cool buildings connected to its grid (500,000 sq. m. over time), while at the same time reducing greenhouse gas generation by 70%.

"For me, the commissioning of Thassalia is an opportunity to salute this region's active involvement in energy transition by developing new sources of renewable energy, of which this marine geothermal plant is yet another innovative example, and its ongoing commitment to energy efficiency in buildings. Thanks to its local presence, and thanks also to the diversity of expertise available within the Group, ENGIE, a leader in the field of energy transition, is supporting these projects of strategic regional importance," declared ENGIE CEO Isabelle Kocher.

ENGIE was able to design this innovative solution thanks to its subsidiaries ENGIE Cofely and Climespace, experts in heating and urban cooling networks respectively. All the technical aspects of the plant were handled by the Group's teams: Ineo and Cofely for the electrical components, Axima and Cofely for all the internal distribution networks; Axima also supplied half the chiller units.

A three-kilometer grid will provide energy to buildings under construction or renovation within a zone that stretches from the CMA-CGM Tower to La Major Cathedral. Buildings already connected include Les Docks (Constructa), the Calypso and Hermione (Euromedcenter) and the Golden Tulip. Next in line are the Constructa towers, including La Marseillaise, the Floreal (Euromedcenter), the Castel and a zone that includes the Arenc Residential Park, of which Nexity will be the first client.
The Aix-Marseille Provence Metropolitan Area, with its ambitious projects such as Euroméditerranée, has become a genuine focal point for innovation and experimentation.

Thassalia in figures:
- An investment of 35 million Euro
- 500,000 sq. m. of buildings connected between 2015 and 2020
- A 3-kilometer network
- 70% renewable energy
- A 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissionsA 70% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions