Etyo is boosting its growth across the South of France thanks to its new base in Aix-Marseille

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Etyo is boosting its growth across the South of France thanks to its new base in Aix-Marseille
Olivier Vidal, the head of the regional office for Etyo in Aix-Marseille
28 March 2024 / Grow your business, invest in provence

The real estate consultancy was supported by Provence Promotion in the search for an ideal location for its regional agency

Etyo, the French real estate consultancy and project management firm, opened an office in Aix-en-Provence in February 2022 and the results have been tremendous. Despite a slowdown in the overall sector, the Aix-Marseille office is performing exceptionally well. The consultancy’s revenues have been increasing steadily over the past two years and have now grown by a total of more than 30%. Propelled by new contracts, the growth has exceeded initial projections. Provence Promotion guided Etyo in its choice of location in the Aix-Marseille-Provence metro area and facilitated the firm’s integration into the local business ecosystem. Olivier Vidal, the head of the regional office in Aix-Marseille, is delighted to have benefited from this support and is now a committed advocate for doing business in Provence!

Etyo, a consultancy specializing in the entire real estate value chain with a focus on sustainable development, was established in Paris in 2012. It employs around a hundred people between its Paris headquarters and its regional offices in Lyon, Lille, Nantes, Toulouse, and Aix-Marseille.

The company opened a regional branch in Aix-en-Provence in February 2022 at the Newton Offices coworking site just outside the city. The choice was made following a property tour organized by Provence Promotion, which presented several opportunities for setting up in the metro area.

Aix-en-Provence: a prime launchpad for expanding throughout southeastern France

The opening of a regional office in Aix-en-Provence gave the firm a dynamic presence in the Aix-Marseille metro area and a base for strengthening its position across the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region. “Provence Promotion provided us with an excellent welcome and was extremely efficient in guiding us around the area. We received support promptly and were quickly integrated into the local ecosystem. The Provence Promotion team is always available to help us make contacts and identify opportunities,” says Olivier Vidal, Etyo’s regional manager for southeastern France. “We’re delighted with our choice of location.” Vidal emphasized the convenience of their new offices in Aix-en-Provence: it’s just five minutes from the high-speed TGV train station and 15 minutes from the city center.

Etyo is exploring diversification opportunities across France

Etyo carries out technical and due diligence audits for its investor and asset manager clients, securing required acquisitions or disposals prior to real estate transactions. In addition to its traditional specialties, such as logistics, commercial, and office operations, the firm has expanded into the public sector and retail to drive growth.

As part of its commitment to sustainable development, Etyo is also extending its services to environmental projects by offering diagnostics for the energy efficiency of properties. Another new venture is the firm’s Etyo Training Academy. Recently, the Aix-Marseille team has been working with the EFAB school for real estate professions and with its clients to provide training in areas such as environmental issues, project management, and regulations.

The Aix-Marseille office is flourishing with more than 30% growth

With more than a decade of experience working with real estate investors and the gradual strengthening of its team in Aix-Marseille, Etyo has a winning combination when it comes to securing projects in the South of France. In just two years, the agency has made a name for itself with a number of remarkable management assistance contracts for projects such as Ivanhoé Cambridge’s logistics platform in Fos-sur-Mer, which features rigorous environmental standards and covers a total surface area of 92 000 square meters, including 46 000 square meters of roof-top or parking canopy solar panels. They also work on the project for a 15 000-square-meter business park in Graveson near Avignon for the BGO real estate firm.

While the national real estate sector is enduring a crisis, Olivier Vidal is helping to ensure Etyo continues to thrive. He is proud to announce an important but confidential regional framework contract and the Aix-Marseille team, which will soon consist of six people, is due to welcome a senior consultant specializing in environmental issues.

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