Cruise line CMV opens its French headquarters in Marseille

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Cruise line CMV opens its French headquarters in Marseille
Clément Mousset, CEO of CMV France and Cédric Rivoire-Perrochat, Marketing & Operations Director
20 January 2020 / Grow your business, Tourism Investments

A launch with a team of 15 passionate professionals

To propel its growth, the British cruise company Cruise & Maritime Voyages is expanding to the French market with its subsidiary Croisières Maritimes et Voyages (CMV) in Marseille. By choosing the Boulevard des Dames for its main office, the group is setting up its new team in the neighborhood that has historically been home to Marseille's maritime businesses. The subsidiary has hired 15 employees to market a portfolio of 19 itineraries with Marseille serving as their beachhead. Beginning in spring 2021, the line will offer a 124-day Flavors of the World Flavors cruise, the first of its kind to depart from Marseille!

CMV Group drops anchor in Marseille

Marseille was an easy choice for the group's French headquarters. Clément Mousset, who is in charge of deploying the France launch strategy, and Cédric Rivoire-Perrochat, who heads up the Marketing and Operations Department, are well acquainted with the region and all the maritime stakeholders active at the Marseille-Fos Port.

 "We wanted to get back to the fundamentals of cruising and reset our approach to the sector. That is why it was crucial for us to be in close contact with our product, which is our ship. So Marseille was a natural choice. Beyond that, we decided to open our office on Boulevard des Dames, the traditional hub of the city's shipping companies and big cruise lines", noted the Managing Director.

With the help of Provence Promotion and the services of the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolitan Area, the two entrepreneurs, who have over 40 years of combined experience in the cruising industry, had no trouble finding the right office. They intentionally chose a location in the Euroméditerranée business district at La Joliette, near the port.

Since its opening on January 2, the new cruise line has hired 15 people ‒ all from the cruise industry ‒ to launch its French subsidiary and will add another five employees within the next three years, for a total investment of several million euros.

A new cruise offering on the French market

The British group, which operates six cruise ships, decided to transfer The Astor, a ship previously used for cruises in Germany, to France. It has been upgraded and rechristened as the Jules Verne to deliver a unique sailing experience that merges luxury with cruising tradition.

"In the Footsteps of Pytheas", "Beyond the Bosporus" and "On the Heels of the Emperor" are just some of the evocative names from the cruise catalogue. Aboard the Jules Verne, some 500 passengers will enjoy high-end cabins or luxury suites, 70% of which have sea views. French culture and cuisine will be showcased and the staff of 280 will see to every last detail and request.

At the helm of its own ship beginning in 2021, CMV France is steering for a goal of 10,000 passengers in its first year of sailing. Online reservations are now open on the company's website with an inaugural cruise from Le Havre to Marseille.

The CMV Group is marketing a more intimate cruising experience that focuses on the joy of sailing and the discovery of destinations with ships that carry no more than 1,500 passengers. It was founded in 2010, employs 4,000 people and staffs 14 offices around the world.