The collective influence program for Aix-Marseille attractivity is back !

The collective influence program for Aix-Marseille attractivity is back !
Intervention of Simon BERNARD, CEO Plastic Odyssey Expedition during the dinner organized with the Marseillais de Paris on the theme "The natural successes of Aix-Marseille"
13 September 2022 / invest in provence

Events and meetings in France and abroad

The back-to-school agenda is busy for the partners of the influence program, initiated 4 years ago by Provence Promotion, with the objective of collectively promoting the Aix-Marseille region to the business community and French and international executives. This approach, which also targets opinion leaders and talents, is based on a shared argument and a series of meetings and events.

In an economic context with high stakes, these different actions carry key messages of attractiveness in connection with current issues that animate the economic and scientific world. As a credible alternative to capital cities and a driving force in the preservation of biodiversity, Aix-Marseille is more than ever a destination for the installation of companies and the development of economic projects combining competitiveness and sustainability.

Looking for alternatives to business capitals, business leaders are now turning more towards regional capitals. This is an opportunity for the partners in the influence program, which brings together the Provence Promotion economic development agency, Euroméditerranée, the Port of Marseille Fos, Marseille Provence Airport, AMU, KEDGE, and the region's leading economic names, to promote the assets of the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis even further and more strongly.

As of September, two events are specifically aimed at Parisian circles of influence:

  • A dinner-debate with the Marseillais de Paris, on September 12, at the Jardin des Plantes in Paris, entitled "The Natural Successes of Aix-Marseille".
  • A forum with the Cercle des Etats de la France and the Club TOP 20, on September 15 in Marseille at the Palais de la Bourse, entitled "Can international groups do without capital cities?"

Through these actions, two major themes are addressed: the relationship of a metropolis with nature, or how by committing to the preservation of biodiversity and climate, it builds a green capital for the future & the attractiveness of regional capitals versus business capitals for business development and the well-being of their employees.

Aix-Marseille's natural successes

Four leading environmental organizations, the National Museum of Natural History, the Paul Ricard Oceanographic Institute, the International Union for Conservation of Nature and the Calanques National Park, were invited to share their visions of nature preservation with the Club des Marseillais de Paris on September 12.

Alongside them, Euroméditerranée, the Port of Marseille Fos and the Marseille Provence Airport spoke about the actions they are taking to combat CO2 emissions, artificial development and heat islands, and about their strategies for preserving and enhancing their natural areas.

This action follows a call for disruptors in 2021 to join the ranks of Provencal start-ups in the fields of greentech, bluetech and agritech, a melting pot in France for innovations in the search for sustainable solutions illustrated by nuggets such as Ombrea, which designs smart shading systems for farms, or Sakowin Green Energy, with its solution for the production of carbon-free hydrogen.

The attractiveness of regional capitals

Organized as a prelude to the States of France to be held in Paris on November 15 at the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, the Aix-Marseille Forum is the second action of the influence program during the month of September.

In partnership with DZA - the Circle of the States of France, which brings together 80 presidents of subsidiaries of the main foreign multinationals established in France - and the Top 20 Club, which brings together the leaders of the largest companies in the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolitan area, this first edition will give the floor to 9 French leaders of international groups who will rethink their relationship with the territory and analyze the attractiveness of regional capitals.

It will be an opportunity to better understand the new location strategies of foreign companies and to gather recommendations, while positioning the Aix-Marseille region at the heart of the debate. These recommendations will be presented to the French government at the conclusion of the States of France exchange cycle on November 15 at the Palais d'Iéna.

Representative missions and international outreach

On an international scale, the influence program is already bearing fruit. The key positioning of the Aix-Marseille-Provence metropolis at the top of the list of smart ports by Arabian Business and by the Indian employers' association in terms of investment flows to Africa is proof of this. The next steps are to increase the representation of the metropolis at the American Chamber of Commerce and the Chinese Business Club. Other missions to Italy and Belgium are also on the agenda.