Co-working: Startway moves in to two prestigious buildings in Marseille

Co-working: Startway moves in to two prestigious buildings in Marseille
The Startway co-working space located near the Préfecture neighborhood at 18, rue Dieudé, in Marseille's 6th district
12 May 2021 / doing business in provence, Grow your business, Start your business

Two strategic downtown locations to expand its network later on

A dual victory for Startway. In May 2021, the co-working specialist opened two sites in Marseille. The first is housed in a former private mansion in the Préfecture neighborhood and the second is just a stone's throw from the Old Port in the Colbert Post Office building, which has been totally renovated by architect Roland Carta. Gaël Montassier, co-founder of Startway, aims to continue expanding coverage to the less dense parts of the region and to even extend his 36-site network into the countries of Northern Africa.

A peaceful oasis amidst the bustle of the city makes for a great co-working space! Beyond the sturdy wooden door of the Rue Dieudé offices, a few steps from Préfecture and its shopping district, freelancers, salaried employees and executives are engrossed in their work in the 13,000 ft2 space. The site's 18th century spirit was preserved in a design that highlights the period moldings, frescoes and chandeliers of the former mansion. The three-story building has 140 work stations and three meeting rooms with a number of gathering spots, including a creative room, herbal tea bar and dining area. The space was reinvented to promote well-being, encourage concentration and increase productivity.

Co-workers hang out on the shady wooden deck, solving the world's problems. The first tenants, identified by Provence Promotion, have already found their routines. They feel right at home, whether they work by day or by night.

Mediterranean ambition

For Startway's management team, it was love at first sight when they laid eyes on the town house that was, until now, the headquarters of La Mutuelle Générale. After extensive remodeling and decorating work, the site is now the flagship of the co-working chain, which currently has 36 locations in France (250 sites in France by 2026).

In parallel, Startway also took over 5,400 ft2 in the Colbert Post Office building, adjacent to the Vieux Port and Gare Saint-Charles. The venue, which is another recently restored heritage site, is perfect for holding meetings.

"Startway promotes and showcases the craftsmanship of French office furniture makers. Startway has its own purchasing co-op which ensures a unified style and cost control. We systematically opt for short supply chains to offer our clients healthy, high-quality catering services," explains Gaël Montassier, who co-founded Startway with business banker Eric Martin and Gregory Ortiz, a former sales director at Multiburo business centers.

From the start, the partners have opened up their address books to share their resources with co-workers in search of accountants, lawyers and digital specialists. Their mission is to support entrepreneurs throughout their journey by helping them minimize all the risks not related to their core business so they can focus on their product, concept or service. Startway plans to have 250 sites up and running by 2026.

In Marseille, the sunny, eclectic city that offers great quality of life, the group has hired three employees (soon to be five). From there, Startway will boost its coverage throughout France to give the teleworkers created by the pandemic an alternative workspace close to their home communities so they can work comfortably and undisturbed. And then, why not cross the Mediterranean from Marseille and offer the same Startway spirit and values in Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakech? The group, which always follows its heart, is already dreaming about it...