“Clean” Sterilization Brings a Shine to Local Produce!

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“Clean” Sterilization Brings a Shine to Local Produce!
18 September 2012 / Créez votre entreprise , Générale, Agroalimentaire
The Steripure Story At 50 years old, Olivier Bourgois has a long career in the food industry behind him… In 1990, he set up Eurovanille, specializing in natural vanilla, a company now run by his brother. In 2010, he decided to leave northern France, inspired by “clean” sterilization, a process that uses a vacuum and steam and replaces the more usual ionization technique (cold pasteurization). It was the start of a long journey: first contact the process’s inventors, the Swiss company Napasol, and purchase the equipment; next, southward to look for a suitable location close to the production and transit zones for dried fruit and Herbes de Provence. A journey on which he happened to meet Provence Promotion…