CEECOACH connected sports technology opens an online shop

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CEECOACH connected sports technology opens an online shop
28 April 2016 / Logiciel / Conseil / SSII, Créez votre entreprise , Implantez, Générale, Microélectronique / IOT, Média
New opportunities for Peiker Group

The CEECOACH Bluetooth communication system has been available for purchase online since April 6 on its eponymous website. The device, which was developed in Germany and is marketed by Peiker's French office in Aix-en-Provence, facilitates communication during athletic training. The genesis of CEECOACH creates new opportunities for the company, a specialist in onboard communication solutions for cars and public transportation. This innovation will be on display during the Sosh Freestyle Cup, a flagship skateboarding event held on the Prado beaches of Marseille, France from June 21 to 26.

Andreas Peiker, Chairman of Peiker Group, was observing his daughters' horseback riding lessons when he noticed they were struggling to hear instructions from their teacher. This inspired him to design a communication system for athletes.

The technology is housed in a compact CEECOACH (acronym for Consumer Electronic Evolutions) unit and was developed in late 2014 for equestrians by the German company's R&D department. It was quickly adopted by other sports thanks to its 500-meter Bluetooth range and its ability to simultaneously connect six people whereas competing products can support no more than three connected devices at a time.

The kit has already won over professionals, but it also holds great appeal for hiking, mountain biking, rock climbing and snow sports -- all of which are enhanced by simplified communication on the trails.

Waterproof version coming in May

To date CEECOACH has been sold through a network of specialty retailers in Europe, the Iberian Peninsula, the U.S. and the United Arab Emirates. It will soon boost its brand visibility with a dedicated website marketing the kit and related accessories (storage case, earbuds, etc.).

"The two marketing channels are complementary and the prices are identical (€279 including taxes for the two-unit kit). Our website will also target new customers who want to use CEECOACH for sports such as climbing and cycling that do not yet have designated resellers. The site is currently available in French and English with Spanish and Portuguese versions on the way," said David Pascarellie, Chairman of Peiker France.

A waterproof version will be released in early May. "CEECOACH Xtreme" will enable easy communication during training sessions for sailors, kiteboarders and windsurfers. The advertising strategy is based on both outfitting champion athletes and establishing partnerships with organizers of sporting events. During the Sosh Freestyle Cup, to be held in Marseille, France from June 21 to 26, CEECOACH devices will be worn by event staff and sold on site.

The French subsidiary of Peiker was originally located in Paris, but in 2015 it was lured to Aix-en-Provence by the high quality of life in southern France. For the past year, its 15 employees have enjoyed the ease of access to the transit network for convenient commutes to Paris, Lyon and Frankfurt, Germany.

Photo: Equestrian Josephine Heteam, selected on April 16 for the championship at the Malach stables in Germany, wearing CEECOACH.