Business Transfert Forum, an event for company transfert in Aix-Marseille

Business Transfert Forum, an event for company transfert in Aix-Marseille
15 November 2022 / Buy a company

Advance your business takeover project in Provence

Dare to take over a company is the motto of the Business Transfert Forum, which Provence Promotion is associated with every year. Organized at the Palais de la Bourse in Marseille on November 22, the event will take place over a day punctuated by workshops on the transfer and meetings between buyers and sellers. Potential buyers will also be able to attend a series of pitches by companies that are transferring their businesses. This is an opportunity for Provence Promotion to invite its contacts. A cocktail reception will allow all participants to network.

Taking over a company is a lever for entrepreneurship that requires preparation and numerous exchanges upstream. That's why Business Transfert Forum is an ideal event to start discussions and to advance one's transfer or takeover project.

During the day of November 22, several experts in the field of business transfer will speak on various topics:

  • Arrangements for a company takeover - Ordre des Avocats & Ordre des Experts Comptables
  • Opening up capital and governance - Connect Pro & APIA 
  • The key factors to prepare your financing file - BPMed
  • Takeover at the bar, the takeover of a company in difficulty - Ordre des Avocats
  • The forecast, preparing your project well - Ordre des Experts Comptables
  • The obligations of managers and entrepreneurs in terms of social protection - Harmonie Mutuelle
  • Risk audit and liability guarantee - AXA

Taking over a company means preserving and creating jobs

Provence Promotion, with its "Go Between in Provence" program led by Salima Chelabi, accompanies investors in the takeover of companies in the Bouches-du-Rhône.

The agency's objective is to put the sellers and buyers in touch with each other so that they can carry out a project that will both safeguard jobs in the region and create new ones. This work is carried out in a network with experts to coordinate financial, legal and accounting rounds and to offer a complete package.

On the occasion of this 4th edition of the Business Transfer Forum, Provence Promotion will have a stand to present its action and also to introduce 3 sellers to potential buyers.

> For more information, contact Salima Chelabi, in charge of the "Go Between in Provence" program
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