Berthier Équipements relocates to Provence

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Berthier Équipements relocates to Provence
10 March 2016 / Implantez, Générale, ITER, Eco-Industries, Aéronautique
Implementing a new development and diversification strategy

Berthier Équipements – founded in 1992 in France, Vaux-en-Velin – specializes in designing, manufacturing and repairing machines and spare parts for France's industrial sector, including the nuclear industry. The company, which was bought by Philippe Merle in 2013, earns 628,000 Euros in annual sales and has six employees who are trained on zero-risk principles. To grow its business, Berthier Équipements decided to relocate its headquarters to Provence, a region that is heavily focused on the nuclear industry with the highly international ITER project in Cadarache. Philippe Merle also has his sights set on other industries, such as aeronautics and petrochemicals, and hopes to diversify his business in Provence. By specifically choosing to settle in Marseille, his goal is to conquer new local and international markets, so the company is redoubling efforts to raise its profile. It recently participated in the ITER Business Forum in Monaco to accelerate networking with the region's economic actors.

Berthier Équipements has been working with its clients on zero risk for several years. The company operates with an ongoing commitment to ensuring maximum safety and protecting the health of workers by producing innovative, reliable and quality tools. Although some of its business focuses on pharmaceutical and industrial equipment, most of the company's revenue comes from maintenance work on all of France's nuclear power plants (80% of total sales).

As the ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor) project advances, Provence holds many opportunities for Berthier Équipements, which is relocating its corporate headquarters to Marseille while maintaining its site at Vaux-en-Velin to continue serving long-standing customers. The region promises growth in the nuclear sector, as well as in many other fields. Large industrial concerns such as Boiron, Arcelor Mittal and EDF have put their trust in this ISO 9001-certified company. This move to Marseille clearly shows that the company's president aims to diversify operations.

Seizing growth opportunities in Provence

Backed by the Marseille Provence and Vivens France chamber of commerce, Berthier Équipements is now seeking to expand its network of partners and new clients. In this spirit, the firm also hopes to open its business up to new markets, such as maintenance for the petrochemical and aeronautics industries, and thus widen its spectrum of innovation expertise.

The ease of exporting from Provence – with its dense network of maritime, rail and air transportation – facilitates partnerships to go international. For Berthier Équipements, which already has commercial ties with Belgium and China, the Provence region is a real asset for growing its business.

In addition to the advantages of relocating to a diverse region, Berthier Équipements is also counting on the many engineering schools in the region – such as the École des Arts et Métiers in Aix-en-Provence, with which it has already been working – to recruit more employees in the coming years.

"The quality of life in southern France is a persuasive argument that will attract future engineers and encourage them to join the company," noted Philippe Merle.