"We are predicting 6 000 active customers for 2008"

15 February 2007 / Générale, Média
Interview with Cédric Derycke (Classip)

Once upon a time, there was a virtual class room in which each pupil could make progress in real time taught by a teacher with qualifications customised to suit the pupil.  High level PC to PC school support!  Cédric Derycke from France and Jason Pillegi the American-Irish student wrote this story after their MBA in Barcelona.
Back in Provence, Classip opened its doors in the Belle-de-Mai Media Cluster in Marseilles in June 2006, in the company incubator.  February 2007 marks the official start date of its cooperative private course platform on Internet.  Classip is the first to arrive on this market, and is a pioneer that would like to become one of the leading school support providers in France, if not to be at the top of the class!