Amiltone ramps up its growth in Aix-en-Provence with new hires

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Amiltone ramps up its growth in Aix-en-Provence with new hires
02 April 2020 / Grow your business, invest in provence, Software/Digital Services & Consulting

The company attract engineers to live in sunny Provence

Amiltone assists SMBs and major corporations with their digital transformation. Since it was founded in Villeurbanne in 2012, the company has enjoyed very strong growth. It has four branches in France, including one in Aix-en-Provence, where the digital transformation market is particularly robust. As part of its southern expansion, Amiltone set out to find more office space. With plans to hire 50 new employees, it turned to the economic development agency Provence Promotion and Pays d’Aix Développement for help with its real estate search and human resources campaign.

Amiltone is a digital services company that has steadily diversified its business over the last nine years to offer responses to the digitization of the economy. "We create business-specific web and mobile apps in the Amiltone Digital Factory, including software and customized projects. We also offer graphic design services and motion design film production at our studio, Bluck," notes Jean-Luc Chambron, director of the Mediterranean branch of Amiltone. In 2017, the company opened a branch in a business park in Aix-en-Provence. The team of 25 quickly outgrew the space, which is why Amiltone set out in search of new offices.

"Provence Promotion, which is intimately familiar with the economic fabric, offered us new premises. The agency also introduced us to regional recruiting firms (Apec, Pôle Emploi) and to schools such as Ynov Campus. They also arranged meetings with contacts at Aix-Marseille-Université," adds Jean-Luc Chambron.

As a result of these efforts, in 2019, Amiltone moved into 160 m2 of new office space in the Parc Cézanne. The grand opening was held in January and the office is filling up fast! "We are going to hire two new employees per month in the south: mainly web and app developers. We are also quite interested in more functional roles, such as project managers and business analysts," notes the branch director, who is aiming for 50 new recruits.

Combining quality of life with job fulfillment

Amiltone has plenty of advantages up its sleeve to attract engineers to live in sunny Provence. "We work on soft skills. Our employees have access to a fitness coach and we set up a program that helps with stress management, public speaking and maintaining a work-home balance," explains Jean-Luc Chambron. The branch, which is just a stone's throw from the Aix-en-Provence TGV train station, has facilitated contact with its home office in Villeurbanne.

Amiltone has 300 employees in France. The small business earned sales of €15.5 million in 2019 is expected to clear €19 million this year.

Each year since 2017, Amiltone has received the "French Growth Champions" award handed out by the publication Les Échos

The company has many clients; for example, it worked with the teams at Alinéa to create a vendor mobile app, designed web and mobile app for the highway concession APRR and Tunnel du Mont-Blanc company.