As our company specializes in industrial engineering in the energy sector, Provence quickly became the obvious choice for us. The diversity of expertise in the energy field was the region’s major attraction.

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In Provence, the Forces of Nature Contribute to Energy Performance

The environmental and renewable-energy sector has an enormous presence in Provence and the green energy field offers many opportunities for development. According to the French national committee for clean tech, Provence is in the Top 3 for new green energy start-ups.

The territory has a tremendous innate advantage when it comes to these natural resources. The region benefits from 2835 hours of sunshine per year—a record amount spread over nearly 280 days—and wind that blows at a speed greater than or equal to 16 m/s for more than 100 days a year.

Key Figures for the Energy Sector in Provence

  • #1 solar park in France: 300 days of sun per year;
  • Second-largest hydraulics field in France: production of 2700MW (PACA region);
  • Third-largest wind farm;
  • Third-largest forest region in France: 2.3 million m³;
  • 29 fulltime degree programs in the field including 15 Masters programs;
  • 43 research laboratories and technology platforms;
  • More than 1 500 researchers, specialized professors, doctoral students, post-doctoral fellows;
  • 3288 private and public energy establishments and nearly 28 000 jobs in sectors such as: electricity and distribution of electric power; gas power; steam power and air conditioning production/distribution; water production, treatment and distribution; waste management and decontamination...

Provence's Energy Advantage

Specific sites dedicated to quality

The Arbois-Méditerranée Environmental Technology Park: This technology hub dedicated to the environment welcomes 900 employees, 400 researchers, and 300 graduate students every day. Energy is one of its five core competencies. With 11 Research Units, 120 innovative companies, and several renowned associations, the Technopôle de l'Arbois offers investors a remarkable location in the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis. In total, the site consists of an area of 4500 hectares among 11 000 hectares of the protected Massif de l'Arbois. The Technopôle also hosts the European Business and Innovation Center (CEEI). This incubator supports 80 innovative companies each year, 40 of which are located on its premises.

Effective local players to support your development

  • Capenergie: A competitiveness cluster focusing on the development of non-greenhouse gas energies and the energy mix. It has 536 members including 317 companies and 87 R&D centers.
  • Pôle Mer Méditerranée: The competitiveness cluster dedicated to the maritime economy with a component promoting renewable marine energies.

Large projects with high innovation value

  • Provence Grand Large: This is a pilot park for the installation of three floating wind turbines on the "Faraman" area off of the Gulf of Fos. Economic prospects in terms of added value and jobs are high, with investment estimated at €200 million.
  • The Smartseille eco-neighborhood: One of the main objectives of this model of the EcoCité Euroméditerranée in Marseille is to respond to the current challenges of energy conservation by fostering new innovations. Already equipped with two marine geothermal centers supplying the buildings (Thassalia and Massileo), Euroméditérranée is experimenting with this pilot program to find the solutions needed for the sustainable city of tomorrow.