GRTgaz conducted its own Tour de France to choose the most advantageous location for its Jupiter 1000 project and in the end the company concluded that Provence was the ideal site to develop a Power to Gas subsidiary in France.

JUPITER 1000 - Energy - France

Provence Is Focussed On The Energy Transition With Its Green Energy Industries

Thanks to its geographic position and its connected platforms that are open to Europe via oil and gas pipelines, the Aix-Marseille-Provence Metropolis offers you the opportunity to gain market share in France and internationally.

The industrial area of Provence, to the west of the Bouches-du-Rhône area, is a diverse and unified ecosystem composed of four specific industrial platforms:

  • LA MÈDE in Châteauneuf-les-Martigues,
  • LE PÔLE INDUSTRIEL in Berre l’Etang,
  • PIICTO in Fos-sur-Mer,
  • LAVÉRA in Martigues.

This represents one of the densest industrial networks in France with strategic access to the African market.

Backed by significant investments, these platforms create a “cluster” dynamic where local authorities, research organizations, and industrialists work together to create a circular economy. The innovation site Innovex welcomes new technologies and pilot projects to better manage energy resources and gain global competitiveness. The site can provide a made-to-measure offer to meet your specific needs and requests.

Key Figures for New Investors

  • More than 80 companies, of which 50% are from abroad;
  • 82 500 industrial jobs across all sectors;
  • More than 300 leading subcontractors in their market;
  • 17% of the industrial workforce for the territory is connected to these four platforms;
  • More than 800 hectares still available for development, including 600 on the PIICTO platform in Fos-sur-Mer.


Provence's Eco-Industry Advantage

  • Quality Transport Infrastructure
    - the Marseille–Fos Port, which handled 77 million tons of freight in 2022, provides regular connections to 500 ports in 156 countries;
    - the River Port of Arles facilitates the transit of thousands of tons of freight to France and Europe (550 000 tons in 2021);
    - the Marseille Provence Airport links the region to the world (100 regular destinations in 33 countries)

  • Excellence in Logistics & Energy Management
    - One of the largest wharf and dock sites in Europe;
    - Connection to the main European platforms;
    - Large storage capacity with available Seveso 3-class warehousing;
    - One of Europe’s strongest and most affordable steam-electric power flow;
    - A diverse supply of raw materials.
  • Competitive financial advantages with energy rebates, financial help, or subsidies such as the Research Tax Credit (CIR).