Renewable Energy Technologies

Industry players

Competitive business clusters and institutions join efforts

Capenergies, moving towards a clean energy future
Specialized in the energies of the future, the competitive cluster Capenergies promotes regional and national assets in the development of a European energy industry capable of meeting consumer needs while preserving the environment.

Today, Capenergies has more than 340 members including businesses, research laboratories, training centers and public institutions concerned with the production of clean energy.

 Capenergies focuses on 9 areas of interest:

- Energy demand management
- Solar energy
- Wind energy
- Hydraulics – geothermal energy – marine energy
- Biomass – Bioenergy
- Nuclear fission
- Nuclear fusion
- Hydrogen
- Linking and integration of energy systems
Since the launch of Capenergies in November 2005, 165 collaborative research, industrial development and training projects have been approved and funded for a total amount of €224 million.

“Energie 2010” and “AGIR” programs, sponsored by Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur Regional Council

The Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA) Regional Council supports initiatives in the development of renewable energy through actions taken in these two programs.

- The mission of the “Energy 2010” program is to make renewable energy a key asset for the region’s environment, economy and jobs. The program offers incentives such as the “Chèque Energies Renouvelables” to private and public initiatives for the funding of photovoltaic and solar thermal installations as well as individual wood fuelled furnaces.

- The “AGIR” (Action Globale Innovante Régionale -  Regional Action for Global Innovation) program launched in 2006 with a budget of €70 million, works to sustain and develop the campaigns which began with the ITER project and the “Energies 2010” program. “AGIR” supports projects which innovate and deserve recognition for their low energy consumption or use of clean energy. To date, 136 projects have been approved for a total budget of €25 million.

Enerplan industry organization

Since 1983, the solar energy trade association Enerplan has worked to promote this renewable energy technology. Headquartered in the city of La Ciotat (Bouches-du-Rhône département), Enerplan’s organization is national in scope, bringing together all of the industrial and commercial activities around solar energy in France.

Its activities are divided into three main groups:

- Representation
- Industry organization and development
- Demand development